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The time has come for you to find the best Palm Beach movers. You’ll want movers that can adjust to your needs and provide you with the best, most affordable moving and storage services.

If that is what you are looking for, look no further. At Lee’s Moving Company, we’ve been around for years.

We’ve perfected our moving approach to provide our clients exceptional service, competitive pricing, and customer care that shows you are valued. You won’t regret partnering with Lee’s Moving Company.

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    Lee’s Moving Company has been moving residents of the South Florida area for years. We’ve helped many families and businesses move, whether local or long-distance.

    Our experienced team has faced many challenges and has overcome every obstacle with composure and enthusiasm. This has given us confidence in our abilities and the services we offer our clients.

    Because of all our experience, we do not doubt that we’ll be able to handle your movement efficiently. And if your move is complicated, don’t stress. We’ll plan for and address any issues that might arise.

    Lee’s Moving Company is also a fully licensed, insured, and bonded moving company.

    When you hire us as your Palm Beach movers, you won’t have to worry about any technical or legal issues. All our paperwork is above board and up to date. There will be no delays when you travel with us.

    Our competitive prices also make us the perfect choice as your Palm Beach movers. There will be no exorbitant fees for our moving or storage services. Only the best moving services, by the best moving team, with the best prices. All for you!

    Palm Beach Moving Services By Lee’s Moving Company

    We offer various elite moving services, each handled by our team of expert movers. We will adjust according to what you want to create, a custom moving plan that fits your needs like a glove.

    Lee’s Moving Company’s team of movers is also extensively trained. We have strict moving quality standards every team member needs to achieve before allowing them to handle their belongings.

    With us, your services will only be handled by genuine Lee team members. There will be no outsourced help to manage your belongings. Some of our professional Palm Beach travel services include:

    Local Moving

    Just because it’s a local move doesn’t mean it won’t require planning.

    When we handle local moves, we ensure the moving location will be accessible. That means looking for places to park, where to unload, etc.

    We’ll plan everything ahead of time to ensure a smooth movement that goes quickly and doesn’t put your belongings at risk. Call Lee’s Moving Company for local Palm Beach movers that can help you, no matter how big or small the move.

    Commercial Moving

    Commercial moving can be tricky, even for professional movers. They require a lot of planning and a tested project manager that can handle stressful situations and will be able to do crisis management.

    Let us take care of it for you. We’ll plan and organize the entirety of the move and get your office equipment and inventory to your new commercial site without any mishaps or avoidable delays.

    We’ll ensure everything runs smoothly and keep your downtime to a minimum.

    Long Distance Moving

    Long-distance moving requires extensive planning. The route and schedule need to be planned to ensure you don’t run into any trouble.

    You can trust us to take care of your long-distance move, down to the smallest detail. All your belongings will be protected and returned to you in the same condition you left them with us.

    Residential Moving

    Letting strangers handle your personal belongings can feel uncomfortable. That’s why we try our best to provide our residential clients with empathetic moving services.

    We’ll pack up, wrap, protect, and move your home with the utmost care and respect. Let’s work together to ensure your residential move is handled just as you need it to be.


    Good, trustworthy storage units can be hard to find.

    Luckily, Lee’s Moving Company offers climate-controlled, air-conditioned, regularly maintained, and secure storage units that protect your valuables from people and the weather. Whether for the short-term or long-term, our storage units are the perfect solution.

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